1. compliance with the CO2 budget according to the Paris Climate Agreement and monthly transparent communication!

– Climate neutrality of Erfurt till 2035, public communication and clear information of the current CO2 budget including emissions caused by consumer goods and the planned greenhouse gas reduction strategy and provision of resources for climate protection

– Creation of a monitoring body to ensure compliance with the defined climate protection targets and sanctions decided by a climate council in the event of non-compliance

– Creation and long-term financing of an agency to bundle climate protection concerns: consulting services, campaign implementation, service mediation

2. implement turnaround in traffic and climate-friendly mobility now!

– Car-free city center, restriction to e-delivery traffic and the then possible redesign of streets.

– Bicycle city! Implementation of the bicycle decision! Increase funding for bike lanes and carry out planning! Expansion of the urban bike lane network to close gaps! Bicycle streets!

– Promotion of offers for rental of bicycles

– Strengthening of the pedestrian network and reduction of car traffic

– Consistent implementation of the goal of strengthening public transport: ticket-free, pay-as-you-go local transport, creation of intermodal and multimodal offers.

– Public transport: timetable optimization at peak times and tariff reduction

3. liveable city! Implementation of sustainable urban greening and reduction of land sealing!

– Immediately stop on planned construction projects (e.g. car parking garages*), not at the expense of existing green spaces, trees and urban greenery.

– Consistent designation and consideration of areas relevant for the urban climate (heat islands, cold air corridors*).

– Meeting places & trees instead of parking spaces

– parking spaces may also be permanently blocked and creatively used by people without cars

– Erfurt should become Sponge City: implement decentralized, climate-effective rainwater management and unsealing of surfaces

– Promote and finance of new mixed forests (‘Mischwälder’) on areas that are valueless for nature conservation and additional humus formation in the soils and implement reforestation measures to reduce CO2 as well as further measures to bind carbon in Erfurt

– Promotion of biodiversity in urban green spaces, agriculture and forestry

– Fulfillment of the public service obligation to protect against the effects of climate change

4. establish sustainable building in the climate protection concept!

– approve only new development projects with 100% renewable supply (solar roof requirement)

– Area-efficient inner development not at the expense of existing green spaces

– Doubling the renovation rate of existing buildings, especially all public buildings, with ecologically acceptable materials

– Compulsory greening of facades and roofs of all new buildings and all municipal buildings.

– Encourage local recycling of product materials

5. make Erfurt sustainable and energy self-sufficient!

– Promotion of renewables with local added value: PV, solar thermal energy, wind energy, use of hydropower, waste water recovery, biogas & landfill gas, ecological energy wood plantations and geothermal energy

– PV obligation on public buildings, municipal enterprises and corporations of the city

– energetic utilization of the wood and semi-wood waste produced here

– Energy saving through highly efficient, climate and insect friendly light sources LED and their control in all city lights and traffic lights, reduction of night lighting to a minimum necessary level

– Prohibition and sanctioning of radiant heaters, leaf vacuums and leaf blowers

– Implement guidelines for a greenhouse gas-free administration

– Annual energy savings of at least 5% in municipal buildings, municipal enterprises and corporations.

6. close the Erfurt-Weimar airport!

– Develop socially responsible closure strategy

– Develop sustainable subsequent use: energy self-sufficient, ecological new building quarter with tram(way) connection

7. immediate climate protection measures and citizen participation at all levels!

– Definition of prior immediate climate protection measures with the concrete involvement of citizens. Due to the urgency, fast and unbureaucratic implementation of these measures.

– Promote and break down barriers of the existing citizen participation council for the social acceptance of climate protection measures.

– Implementation of an Erfurt Citizens Climate Pact (‘Erfurter Bürger*innen-Klimapakt´) and an Erfurt Business Climate Pact (‘Erfurter Wirtschafts-Klimapakt’) and their active support by the city.

– District-related local mobility concepts for bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

– Participation of citizens in the updating of the integrated climate protection concept for the city of Erfurt’s climate neutrality.