29.05.2021 Press release on the future of the climate camp

The Climate Camp Erfurt continues to exist as a cross-alliance association! The planning for several more meetings on the topic “Failed climate policy in Erfurt” is already underway. Together we will continue to set a clear sign for more climate protection in Erfurt.

We camp until you act!

22.05.2021 We have to go – and come back for sure

Day 31 – Unfortunately, we lost the lawsuit against the city. We accept that. We dismantle the camp together, talk about the best moments of the last four weeks, hold the climate vigil as usual and sit together to philosophize about great new ideas, camps and actions. We will be back!

18.05.2021 City Erfurt denies continuation of Climate Camp

Since the city Erfurt denies the contination of our assembly, we need your solidarity and support! We will not put up with the rejection for the extension of the Climate Camp Erfurt and will go to court against it!

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